Pualilia Paikuli, MAT#7138
 My appreciation for massage developed when I was a child.  I am blessed to have a mother who massaged my sister and I regularly.  I remember racing my sister to get to sit in front of mom while we watched television.  Whoever was lucky to get that treasured spot got her hands on your shoulders and back.  
I fondly remember the first professional full body massage I received.  It was in preparation for my high school swim team championship meet.  I left the appointment feeling relaxed, my muscles less tense and a feeling of blissful euphoria.  I was impressed and remember thinking how the massage therapist must love her profession, being able to make people feel better.
After the birth of my second son I was motivated to pursue a career and lifestyle that was healthy, intriguing and challenged myself physically and mentally.  I graduated from Kona Hawaii's School of Muscular Massage and became licensed in 2003.   
After many life changes I met and fell in love with my husband, Phil.  Having so many things in common we quickly became eachother's best friend and partner in everything.  We choose to start our own massage business together and opened Pau Hana Massage in 2010.  
Together we compliment eachother's skills; and are proud to offer Pau Hana Massage to the residents and visitors of Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  E Komo Mai. . . come experience what we have to offer.
Pualilia, LMT

Pau Hana Massage LLC