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Phillip and Pualilia were interviewed on the benefits of massage in
the West Hawaii Today's Healthy Living Section in the Monday, November 22, 2010 issue.
Pau Hana Massage LLC opened in October 2010 and is owned and operated by two life long Kona residents, Phillip Bruneau (MAT#4994) and Pualilia Paikuli (MAT#7138). 

Combined Phil and Pua have over twenty years of experience in the Spa industry throughout the Kona and Kohala Coast. 

Phil and Pua are both graduates of Kona Hawaii's School of Muscular Massage.  They have individually taken advanced training courses to offer a wide variety of modalities including Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Sports & Muscular Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone (Pohaku Wela) Massage as well as various body treatments (Body Scrubs & Wraps).

Get to know Phil and Pua individually, read their Autobiography links to the left.

"Massage is the focused, conscious application of touch for the purposes of enhancing life, and the environment into which you invite people to
experience this conscious touch is an extension of your intentions. 
The room you practice massage in can touch your clients, just
like your fingers and your palms.  Clients feel your influence
simply through being in the place you have created.

Massage Therapy Career Guide, Steve Capellini
The building in which Pau Hana Massage is located is rich in history.  Built around 1920's by the Fujitani Ohana, it was the H. Fujitani Store Inc.  At that time Mr. Fujitani used to practice massage too, and was well known as people would travel to Kona to receive body work from him.  This was during the steam ship days of old Kona when cattle used to get loaded from Kailua bay.  In much later years (1970's) Phil can recall buying candy as a young child from the Fujitani General Store.
A new era began for the building when it was the location of A'ama Surf & Sport.  A'ama was owned and operated by Fujitani's grandson and was a well known and respected surf shop for 16 years. Phil and Pua frequently patroned A'ama and never would have believed that one day they would be together and operate their own business from the same location. 
Their opportunity would come in 2010 as they were eagerly searching for a location to build their dream business, a massage establishment.  The building actually came to Pua's mind in a dream, and she woke up one morning thinking that "A'ama" would be the perfect place.  With the grace of God and the blessing of Mr. Fujitani, Phil and Pua embarked on designing and creating Pau Hana Massage. 
After 6 months of creation and renovation, Pau Hana Massage opened it's doors on October 4, 2010.  The building has come full circle with the practice of massage again being performed within it's walls.  Come visit them at Pau Hana Massage and feel for yourself the tranquility that this former home and location of the Fujitani family business' offer.  The serenity and calmness is noticeably felt and frequently commented on.  "If these walls could talk. . . "